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The Living Cask 1976 10th Anniversary Brora & Glenlivet 59% 75cl

Lot: 003367 Reserve Price: No Reserve
Distillery: Brora & Glenlivet
Age: N/A
Vintage: 1976
Region: N/A
Bottler: Loch Fyne
Cask Type: N/A
Bottle Strength: 59%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Distillery Status: Closed, Operational
Winning Bid: £226.00


The Living Cask is a release by Loch Fyne inspired by George Saintsbury's influential 'Notes on a Cellar-Book' published in 1920. In it, Saintsbury describes how to create a solera-style system, or living cask, within your own cellar. This particular offering, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Loch Fyne Whiskies in Inverary, is based on a passage from the book: 'A friend of mine from Oxford days, now dead, held some mixed Clyne Lish and Glenlivet to be the best whisky he had ever drunk.'

This release contains:

Brora - distilled 21st November 1981

& Glenlivet - distilled 10th March 1976.

Married 17th December 2002, bottled 10th September 2003. 

No.258 of 300 bottles.

Bottled at cask-strength 59% ABV, 75cl.



-Scuffs and bubbling on tube label. - Fill to slightly below neck - see picture. - Signs of possible leakage on seal.