Linkwood- Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Like several others over the years, such as Glendullan and Clynelish, Linkwood distillery was “expanded” in the 70s by the construction of a completely new distillery next door, which was romantically named “Linkwood B”.  Since then, the original Linkwood A has closed, transferring production entirely to B; today, production is shared between the sites, with the washbacks from Linkwood A providing wash to be distilled in Linkwood B.  Whether that means today’s Linkwood is the same distillery as its prior incarnation or not is a matter for philosophers to debate.

            Linkwood is associated with an oft-quoted story of distillery lore:  one superstitious distillery manager was so eager not to allow anything to affect the quality and style of the spirit that he even refused to remove any cobwebs from the still house, in case the whisky would come out differently as a result.

            Said whisky is enormously sought after by blenders and whisky connoisseurs alike for its wonderful take on the Speyside sherried style:  sweet dried fruits, strawberries, Turkish delight, and just a touch of smoke form the body, with subtle wild flowers and grassy notes on the nose.