Glenmorangie - Single Malt Scotch Whisky

(glen-MOR-an-jee; not glen-mor-AN-jee! - the only word that rhymes with ‘orangey’…)

Scotland’s favourite single malt, the best-seller in Scotch whisky’s homeland…but it was not always so.  Glenmorangie once relied on foreign exports to such an extent that it was forced to close in the 1930s following the enactment of prohibition in the USA.  But since the 1980s its position as one of the classics has been unchallenged.  The distillery’s unusually tall stills - the tallest in Scotland - result in a very light character with a beautiful sweetness and gentle spice, setting it apart from its heavier Speyside competitors.

            Along with Balvenie, Glenmorangie pioneered the use of ‘wood finishes’ to add extra layers of complex flavours to their whisky, a practice which is now widespread throughout Scotland.  Their experiments with sherry, port and wine casks have contributed to their position of envy among single malts, and the company even owns woodland in Missouri to develop oak casks to their specific needs.  Since being taken over by Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy in 2005, Glenmorangie’s marketing has turned them towards a premium brand, with a new curvaceous bottle shape and Romance-inspired half-French half-Gaelic names.