Glenkinchie- Scotch Single Malt Whisky


Edinburgh’s local malt distillery is one of only a handful left in the Lowlands, once Scotland’s industrial centre.  Situated in the village of Pencaitland, about 15 miles outside of the capital, Glenkinchie can trace its origins to an earlier distillery by the name of Milton, founded in 1825:  this fell silent and was converted into a sawmill before being resurrected in the 1880s.  It has been producing ever since, even remaining open during the Second World War when most distilleries were closed to save grain…but its potential as a single malt was not tapped until 1989, when it was launched as the Lowland representative of the “Classic Malts” range.

            Stylistically, Glenkinchie is a typical lowlander:  fresh and light, very delicate, with honey-like sweetness; a touch of lemon zest, flowery on the nose, with grassy or oatmeal flavours developing on the palate.  A gentle breath of peat can be picked up in the finish.  Its core range consists of just two expressions, a 12-year-old and the double-matured Distillers Edition.