Glengoyne- Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The geographical division between Highland and Lowland is not always well agreed-upon.  Luckily in the case of Scotch Whisky there is a legal definition which dates back to the early days of whisky taxation, when illicit stills were very difficult to track down - stills in the Highlands were taxed at a lower rate, to encourage their owners to license them rather than take their chances with the taxman in the hidden glens.  The dividing line lies along the Highland Fault, a geological divide which runs below the modern course of the A81 road.  Glengoyne distillery, however, straddles the line:  its stills are on one side of the road, in the Highlands, and its warehouses of maturing whiskies are across the road in the Lowlands.  Because the spirit is distilled in the Highlands, Glengoyne is legally a ‘Highland’ whisky…but stylistically it can be compared to other Lowland malts, with its exceptional softness and sweet vanilla flavours.  They use the slowest distillation rate of any distillery, giving the spirit plenty of time to refine and develop this uniquely soft character.