Glenburgie- Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky


In 2004, the Glenburgie distillery, which had been founded almost two centuries prior, was demolished and completely rebuilt.  Every piece of equipment was replaced, save the copper stills.  These stills, too, were likely not the originals, making this something of a “grandfather’s axe” distillery []:  in 1958 the distillery began experimenting with “Lomond stills” to produce a different style of malt, but these were removed in 1981.  The single malt produced by these new stills was bottled under the name “Glencraig” for just twenty years.

                The ‘new’ Glenburgie almost doubled its production capacity to more than 4 million litres of spirit a year.  Most of this impressive output goes directly into blends, particularly Ballantine’s.  This means that Glenburgie is relatively rarely seen as a single malt.  Its fruity, perfumed yet bold caramel flavours make it an important ingredient in the sweeter Speyside-based blends.