Deanston-Hightland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In 1785, a cotton mill was built on the River Teith, near Stirling.  The founders of the mill built a village around it to provide accommodation for mill workers, which thrived until the mill finally closed in 1965.

The next year, through the efforts of local people, Deanston mill reopened with a new purpose:  it now used its pristine water source to distill single malt Scotch whisky.  The distillery’s industrial legacy remains today, not just in its importance for the local community, but in an on-site hydro-electric facility that provides electricity from the distillery’s water source of the River Teith.  Deanston’s green efforts go further:  they produce ‘organic’whisky, made from Scottish barley grown without pesticides, and even their packaging is made from recycled material. Traditional distilling techniques prevail in crafting Deanston’s whisky:  no computers are used in the distilling process.

Deanston whisky not bottled as a single malt goes into blends such as Scottish Leader and Black Bottle, as well as the Drumgray liqueur.  The distillery featured in the 2012 Ken Loach film The Angels’Share.