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Aultmore - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky


For the first two years of its life, Aultmore distillery was powered solely by a water wheel.  Then in 1898 a steam engine was installed…which continued to be the distillery’s only source of power until electricity was finally installed in 1969.  Shortly after its founding, the collapse of the whisky industry precipitated by the Pattison Crisis caused Aultmore to close, and over the next century it would be passed from one owner to another.  In 1923 it was bought by John Dewar and Sons; after changing hands several times, it came back under Dewar’s ownership in 1998, where it remains as an important ingredient in their blends (such as White Label).

            Aultmore is now available in small quantities as an official single malt and a handful of independent releases.  It is generally paired with a rich sherry-cask influence - in the style of fellow Speysiders Aberlour or Macallan - where its rounded fullness and fruity styles can be shown off effectively.