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Aberlour-Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

(ah-ber-LOW-er, to rhyme with “power”)

Where the rivers Lour and Spey meet sits Aberlour distillery, on the site of Saint Drostan’s Well, a clear-running spring used by the 6th century saint to baptise local chieftains.  The area may have become a site of pilgrimage, but it is no longer the waters of the spring that Aberlour’s visitors have come to taste.

            Aberlour’s whisky is the single biggest selling single malt in France, and the seventh biggest worldwide.  It has reached this level by being the go-to for fans of heavily sherried whiskies at affordable prices.  Its crisp, citrusy spirit is rounded and softened by double maturation in sherry casks, presenting a wonderfully peppery, spicy and fresh counterpart to the drier, richer sherry monsters of Speyside such as Macallan and Glenfarclas.  The release of the 100% sherry-matured cask strength A’Bunadh range, supposedly based on the flavour profile of a bottle from the 1890s found by distillery workers in a time capsule, has solidified Aberlour’s place in whisky lovers’ hearts, becoming a classic of the style.