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Why Sell With Us

Global Whisky Auctions

Why Sell with Us

Every month Global Whisky Auctions aims to bring together some of the most exclusive bottlings in the world of whisky!!

If you have collected whisky with a view to selling it at some point, then Global Whisky Auctions can help.

The first step on the way to selling your whisky at auction is to send us the name(s) of your bottle(s) for valuation.

This can be done by filling out the online form or emailing us directly at

You will be given estimates for the bottles in your collection. Expensive or inexpensive, all bottles can be placed in one of our monthly whisky auctions.

The next step is getting your bottles to the auction premises. Global Whisky Auctions can arrange to collect your bottles for entry into an auction, have a courier collect the bottles or you can deliver the bottles to the auction premises yourself.

Once the bottles arrive at Global Whisky Auctions, they will be catalogued in preparation for auction.

HEY PRESTO Your whisky is out in the running to be snapped up by one of our whisky loving buyers from around the globe!

For more information on selling and for any valuations of your bottle(s).

Contact us by email at or by phone on 0141 248 7283