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Ardgowan Expedition 20 Year Old

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Robert Graham 1874 and Ardgowan Distillery Company are delighted to announce the Ardgowan Expedition is now exclusively available to purchase online and at Robert Graham 1874 stores around the United Kingdom from the 1st November.

Ardgowan Expedition is the inaugural release by the Ardgowan Distillery, an exciting new venture with ambitious plans to bring distilling to Inverkip. Limited to a run of 600 bottles, each bottle is individually numbered and contains whisky which has travelled to the South Pole and back, Carried by explorer Robert Swan OBE and his son Barney on their South Pole Energy Challenge. Each bottle signifies one of the 600 miles walked to the South Pole. Further details about the expedition can be found on Ardgowan Distillery’s website.

The 20-year-old premium blended malt has been specially selected by Ardgowan Chairman and former Macallan Managing Director Willie Phillips; it includes classic single casks from upper Speyside and the northern Highlands. Expedition is rich and mature with hints of cacao, cedarwood and dark fruits. According to Willie Phillips, the aim of Expedition was to create a whisky as he envisioned a 20 year old Ardgowan release to be like in the future; it is in effect a test-run for the future Ardgowan flavour profile. This may happen sooner rather than later; revised plans for the distillery were approved last week with Ardgowan Distillery due to open in 2020.

We at Robert Graham 1874 are delighted to be the exclusive retailer of the Ardgowan Expedition. Bottles are available to buy from the 1st November with a very limited stock available in-store and online.

The Old Ardgowan

The original Ardgowan Distillery was founded in 1896 by a group of blenders to produce grain whisky during the original whisky boom of the 1890s. Situated in Greenock, Ardgowan provided whisky for a host of different brands. A notable customer was the Pattison Brothers of Leith, who had considerable shares in the company.

This close connection would prove disastrous for Ardgowan, as the Pattison Brothers were convicted of fraud and embezzlement in 1901. The subsequent fallout devastated the industry and resulted in the collapse of many firms. Ardgowan was acquired by DCL in 1902, but a year later a devastating fire destroyed the distillery and killed seven people. By 1907 the last stocks were sold and that ought to have been that. However, DCL rebuilt the facility for yeast extraction, a profitable side-arm for the group, but included a plant for grain whisky and neutral alcohol production.

The drama for Ardgowan was not to stop there. Like much of the Clydeside area, Ardgowan suffered horrific damage during the May Blitz of 1941. The production plant was restarted within a month to distil neutral alcohol for the war effort, but the rest of the site remained in ruins. In 1952 the site was finally abandoned.

The New Ardgowan

The Ardgowan Distillery Company plans to have an £12 million state-of-the-art distillery in full production in 2020. Situated in Inverkip, Ardgowan Distillery will be fitted with two-pot stills, six wash-backs and designed to re-use as much of its own production energy as possible. Up to 21 jobs are hoped to be created through the project.

Ardgowan Distillery’s intention is to create a maritime-influenced Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in three different style – Heavily peated, lightly peated and unpeated, to be released as single elements and blended together.


The Ardgowan Expedition

20 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.

600 individually numbered bottles.

A marriage of single-casks of Highland and Speyside Single Malt whiskies containing some whisky that has been to the South Pole and back.

Stunning silver bottle designed to reference the zero-carbon snow-melter designed by the Ardgowan team for the Swans’ expedition.

Comes in wooden presentation box.

46% ABV, 70cl.

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